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IC dull manufacturers share the definition and classification of IC, recycle IC chips
Edit:A-GRADE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2020-01-08

IC dull manufacturers share the definition and classification of IC, recycle IC chips, IC is a collective name for semiconductor component products, including: integrated circuit (abbreviated circuit: IC), diodes, special electronic components. In a broad sense, it also involves all electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, circuit boards / PCB boards, and many other related products.

ICs can be divided into functions according to their functions: digital ICs, analog ICs, microwave ICs, and other ICs. Among them, digital ICs are the most widely used and fastest-developed IC varieties in recent years. Digital IC is an IC that transmits, processes, and processes digital signals. It can be divided into general-purpose digital ICs and dedicated digital ICs.

General-purpose IC: refers to those circuits with many users and widely used fields, such as memory (DRAM), microprocessor (MPU), and microcontroller (MCU), which reflect the status and level of digital ICs.

Application Specific IC (ASIC): Refers to a circuit designed for a specific user, a special or special purpose.

At present, integrated circuit products have the following design, production, and sales models.

1. The IC manufacturer (IDM) designs it by itself, processes and packages it on its own production line, and sells the finished wafers after testing.

2. The combination of IC design company (Fabless) and standard process line (Foundry).

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