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IC blank material recycling manufacturers share basic knowledge of electronic components
Edit:A-GRADE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2020-01-08

IC blank material recycling manufacturers share the basic knowledge of electronic components, electronic components are used in many places, and the function is very important, but many people often do not know about electronic components. Electronic equipment recycling centers share electronic components for everyone know how.

The concept and role of capacitors

Capacitors are composed of two electrodes separated by an insulating material (dielectric) in the middle. They have the function of storing electric charges.

In the circuit, it has the performance of preventing direct current from passing and allowing the alternating current to pass. It can play the role of bypass, coupling, filtering, blocking DC, storing electrical energy, oscillation and tuning in the circuit.

Structure and characteristics of common capacitors

Commonly used capacitors can be divided into electrolytic capacitors, mica capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and glass-glazed capacitors according to their dielectric materials.

According to its structure, it can be divided into three types: fixed capacitor, semi-variable capacitor, and variable capacitor.

Mica capacitor

The electrode plate is made of metal foil or a silver layer sprayed on the mica sheet. The electrode plate and the mica are laminated one by one, and then die-cast in bakelite powder or sealed in epoxy resin. It is characterized by low dielectric loss, large insulation resistance,

Low temperature coefficient, suitable for high-frequency circuits

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

It is made of an aluminum cylinder as a negative electrode, which contains a liquid electrolyte, and a bent aluminum strip is inserted as a positive electrode. It also needs to undergo DC voltage treatment to form an oxide film on the positive electrode sheet as a medium.

It is characterized by large capacity, but large leakage, large error, and poor stability. It is often used as AC bypass and filtering.

It is also used for signal coupling when the requirements are not high. Electrolytic capacitors are divided into positive and negative poles. It has positive and negative polarity. When using, do not connect the positive and negative polarity.

The Electronic Equipment Recycling Center shares the above knowledge for everyone, understands this knowledge of electronic components, and can be used better when used.