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Recycling IC dull manufacturers share IC classification and IC design concepts
Edit:A-GRADE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2020-01-08

Manufacturers of recycled IC materials share the classification of IC and the concept of IC design. ICs can be divided into functions according to their functions: digital IC, analog IC, microwave IC, and other ICs. Among them, digital IC is the most widely used and fastest growing IC in recent years Variety. Digital IC is an IC that transmits, processes, and processes digital signals. It can be divided into general-purpose digital ICs and special-purpose digital ICs.

General-purpose IC: refers to those circuits with many users and widely used fields, such as memory (DRAM), microprocessor (MPU), and microcontroller (MCU), which reflect the status and level of digital ICs.

Application Specific IC (ASIC): Refers to a circuit designed for a specific user, a special or special purpose.

What is IC design?

IC design is the process of transforming the design requirements of systems, logic, and performance into specific physical layouts. It is also a process of step by step from the abstraction of the product to the final physical realization. In order to complete this process, people have developed hierarchical and structured design methods. Hierarchical design methods can simplify complex systems, and can detect and correct errors in time at different design levels. Structured design methods It is to divide a complex and abstract system into some operable modules, allowing multiple designers to design at the same time, and the resources of some sub-modules can be shared.

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