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Acquired IC manufacturers to share capacitor model names and marking methods
Edit:A-GRADE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2020-01-08

Acquired IC manufacturers to share capacitor model naming and marking methods. Shenzhen Quanyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to providing customers with opportunities for safe and reliable global information sources, while providing electronic components that meet their semiconductor needs. The company's employees are experienced in handling partners' sensitive materials. We understand the importance of the security, confidentiality, and accountability of proprietary products or sensitive military components that need to be destroyed. Throughout the entire process of analysis and sale or disassembly and destruction (if required), we always meet the requirements of our partners.

1) The model names of capacitors in different countries are not uniform. The names of domestic capacitors are composed of four parts:

The first part: use letters to indicate the name, the capacitor is C.

Part II: Use letters to represent materials.

Part 3: Use numbers to represent classifications.

Part 4: Use numbers to indicate the serial number.

2) Method of marking capacitors:

(1) Direct labeling method: Use the letters and numbers to directly mark the model and specifications on the shell.

(2) Text symbol method: Use a regular combination of numbers and text symbols to indicate capacity. The text symbol indicates the unit of its capacitance: P, N, u, m, F, etc. The method is the same as that of resistance. The nominal allowable deviation is also the same as that of resistance. For capacitors less than 10pF, the allowable deviation is replaced by letters: B—— ± 0.1pF, C—— ± 0.2pF, D—— ± 0.5pF, F—— ± 1pF.

(3) Color scale method: The method is the same as that of resistance, and the unit is generally pF. The withstand voltage of small electrolytic capacitors is also color-coded, and is located near the root of the positive lead. The meaning is shown in the following table:

Color black brown red orange yellow green blue purple gray

Withstand voltage 4V6.3V10V16V25V32V40V50V63V

15) Safety capacitors are used in situations where capacitors do not cause an electric shock after they fail, and do not endanger personal safety.

Permissible peak pulse voltage overvoltage levels for safety capacitor safety level applications (IEC664)

X1> 2.5kV≤4.0kVⅢ



16) Safety capacitor, insulation level, insulation type, rated voltage range

Y1 double insulation or reinforced insulation

Y2 basic insulation or additional insulation

Y3 basic insulation or additional insulation

Y4 basic insulation or additional insulation <>