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Recycling electronics inventory dull manufacturers share details to pay attention to when purchasing ceramic capacitors
Edit:A-GRADE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2020-01-08

Recycling electronics inventory manufacturers share details to pay attention to when purchasing ceramic capacitors. Good-quality ceramic capacitors must be inseparable from high-quality ceramic capacitor manufacturers. With the development of technology products, the demand for ceramic capacitors has also increased, but The disadvantage is that the phenomenon of small workshops disrupting the order of the market has not been solved well. As a buyer, you can do your homework in purchasing capacitors to avoid stepping on landmines. So today I want to share, pay attention to the points of purchasing ceramic capacitors!

1) Use branded ceramic capacitors.

2) Appearance of ceramic capacitors, product certificate.

3) Pre-sales and after-sales services are guaranteed.

4) Know the capacity and voltage of the ceramic capacitors you need before purchasing.

If you don't know the ceramic capacitor you bought, you can measure it with a multimeter, such as detecting small capacitors below 10pF-because the fixed capacitor capacity below 10pF is too small, use a multimeter to measure, you can only qualitatively check whether there is leakage. Short circuit or breakdown. When measuring, you can use a multimeter R × 10k block. Use two test leads to connect the two pins of the capacitor. The resistance should be infinite. If the measured resistance value (the pointer swings to the right) is zero, it means that the capacitor leakage is damaged or internal breakdown.

The above is all about the introduction of "recycling electronic inventory blank materials manufacturers share the details to pay attention to purchasing ceramic capacitors", I hope to help you! The company's employees are experienced in handling partners' sensitive materials. We understand the importance of the security, confidentiality, and accountability of proprietary products or sensitive military components that need to be destroyed. Throughout the entire process of analysis and sale or disassembly and destruction (if required), we always meet the requirements of our partners. With our knowledge of the industry means we have the ability to work with companies that use various components. If you have questions about your excess inventory, please contact us today and find out how we can help.