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Inventory IC chip recycling manufacturers share how to manage the bad situation of the recycling IC industry
Edit:A-GRADE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2020-01-08

Inventory IC chip recycling manufacturers share how to manage the bad situation of the recycling IC industry. In recent years, many mobile phones, computers and other electronic products have been discarded. According to reports, China eliminates nearly 4 million mobile phones every year. Recycling electronic components and how to recycle ICs are more scientific, efficient, and orderly. This has caused concern.

E-waste, different recycling methods will bring different results. On the one hand, through centralized processing and harmless treatment, more than 60% can be separated into high-purity copper, aluminum, steel, gold and other renewable resources. On the other hand, disordered and barbaric environments will be recycled. Personal safety brings significant irreversible damage.

The reality is that the benefits of formal channels should focus on the disposal of e-waste, but if it is full of small workshops for the purpose of "refurbishment and recycling of secondary sales", it also brings environmental shock. The department wants to establish a divorce system, scientific management, education and many other startups, so the electronic waste from formal channels will accelerate and orderly return to the arena.

First of all, recycling IC, from the establishment of a sound system recycling system, from the source to regulate, so that the electronic waste flow of real formal enterprises, so as to effectively combat the problem of electronic waste pollution. The implementation of the “Measures for the Administration of the Distribution of Used Electrical and Electronic Products” this year has always been a business qualification for operators in the industry. If the regulations and procedures for acquisitions are clearly specified, these regulations must take effect.

Secondly, recycling ICs, from the management and the guidance of enterprises to strengthen supervision of the industry, not only must use financial, taxation and other means to guide enterprises to strengthen the formal level of e-waste and processing capabilities, but also increase the crackdown on illegal enterprises who are afraid to, " In the end pollution. "

Finally, recycling ICs is also targeted publicity in public opinion, so that the general public realizes that "waste electronic products are sold to regular enterprises for their own benefits, social benefits, current interest, and long-term welfare charity.