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SI2323DS integrated circuit

SI2323DS integrated circuit
Product Details

How about the SI2323DS integrated circuit of Quanyi Electronics, a manufacturer of IC waste materials ? Quanyi Electronics introduces you to the specific parameters of the product's drainage current, frequency, grid-source voltage, output power, power loss, installation, noise figures, etc .:

Product model; SI2323DS-T1-E3

Drain current (max): 3.7 A

Frequency (Max): No Hertz required

Gate-Source Voltage (Max): ± 8 (V)

Output power (max): no watt required

Power loss: 1.25 (W)

Installation: surface mount

Noise figure: No decibel required

Drain-source voltage: 0.039 (ohm)

Operating temperature range: -55 ° c to 150 ° c

Package type: sot-23

Packaging: tapes and reels

Number of pins: 3

Polarity: p

Type: Power FET

Number of elements: 1

Operating temperature classification: military

Channel mode: enhanced

Channel mode: enhanced

Voltage: 20 (v)

Power gain: no decibel required

Radiation resistance: No

Continuous leakage current: 3.7 (a)

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