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ADSP2101 integrated circuit

ADSP2101 integrated circuit
Product Details

Recycling IC blanks manufacturer Quanyi Electronics introduces you to a series of parameters such as the model, interface, voltage, installation type and packaging temperature of the ADSP2101 integrated circuit for electronic blank products. Quanyi Electronics is a leading supplier of inventory solutions and supply chain management services The company's products are sold to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and other places. At the same time, we also wholesale and recover a series of electronic components such as electronic blanks, power modules, diodes and transistors!

Product model; ADSP2101 integrated circuit

Interface: synchronous interface (ssp)

Model: ADSP2101

Clock frequency: 25mhz

Non-volatile memory: external

Chip memory: 6kb

Voltage i / o: 5.00 v

Voltage core: 5.00 v

Operating temperature: -40 ° c ~ 85 ° c (TA)

Mounting type: Surface mount type

Bag / Box: 68-lcc (j-lead)

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