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EPF10K50RC240 integrated circuit

EPF10K50RC240 integrated circuit
Product Details

All-in-one Electronics, which specializes in the recovery of high-priced inventory IC chips , is committed to providing customers with opportunities for safe and reliable global information sources, while providing electronic components that meet their semiconductor needs. The company's employees are experienced in handling partners' sensitive materials. We understand the importance of the security, confidentiality, and accountability of proprietary products or sensitive military components that need to be destroyed. Throughout the entire process of analysis and sale or disassembly and destruction (if required), we always meet the requirements of our partners.

Product model; EPF10K50RC240-3N

1.Model: EPF10K50RC240-3N

2.Process technology: 0.42 um

3. Operating frequency (MHz): 125

4.Speed ​​grade: 3

5.Minimum operating power voltage (v): 4.75

6.Max working voltage (v): 5.25

7. Input and output voltage (v): 5 | 3.3

8.Minimum operating temperature (c): 0

9.Max working temperature (c): 70

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