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SCT2H12NZGC11 Triode

SCT2H12NZGC11 Triode
Product Details

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Product model; SCT2H12NZGC11

Description MOSFET N-CH 1700V 3.7A

Detailed description of through-hole-N-channel-1700V-3.7A (Tc) -35W (Tc) -TO-3PFM

FET type N-channel

Technology SiCFET (Silicon Carbide)

Drain-Source Voltage (Vdss) 1700V

Current-Continuous Drain (Id) (at 25 ° C) 3.7A (Tc)

Driving voltage (maximum Rds On, minimum Rds On) 18V

Rds On (Max) at Different Id, Vgs 1.5 Ohm @ 1.1A, 18V

Vgs (th) (maximum) at different Ids 4V @ 900µA

Gate Charge (Qg) at Different Vgs (Maximum) 14nC @ 18V

Vgs (maximum) + 22V, -6V

Input Capacitance at Different Vds (Ciss) (Maximum) 184pF @ 800V

FET function-

Power dissipation (maximum) 35W (Tc)

Working temperature 175 ° C (TJ)

Mounting Type Through Hole

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